nubuck b watch strap for iwc a
  • nubuck b watch strap for iwc a
  • nubuck b watch strap for iwc b
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Nubuck B Watch Strap for IWC


Nubuck cowhide Leather Watch Strap for IWC Watches. Two Pins and Hand-Painted Edges. Crafted in our workshop in Ubrique, Spain.



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IWC-Compatible Nobuk Cowhide Leather Watch Strap: Luxury and quality in every detail.

Elevate your experience with our IWC-compatible Nobuk cowhide leather watch strap. This strap has been meticulously designed to enhance the beauty of your favorite IWC timepieces and provide you with the utmost quality.

Key features of our IWC Watch Strap:

- High-Quality Nobuk Cowhide Leather: Our strap is crafted from high-quality Nobuk cowhide leather, known for its softness and durability. Every time you wear it, you'll feel the luxury and authenticity of genuine leather.

- Double Pin Design: The strap features a double pin design, ensuring a secure fit and preventing uncomfortable movement. Your watch will stay in place at all times.

- Hand-Painted Edges: The edges of the strap have been carefully hand-painted, highlighting the quality craftsmanship that sets it apart. Every detail has been meticulously crafted to provide you with an exceptional strap.

- The Ubrique Touch, Spain: This strap is made in a craft workshop in Ubrique, a town in Spain famous for its production of high-quality leather products. Each strap is a testament to the art and tradition that characterize this locality.

- 22 mm Width: Our strap has a 22 mm width where it attaches to the watch and an 18 mm width where it connects to the buckle.

If you're a fan of the IWC brand, this strap is the perfect complement for your watches. It not only enhances their beauty but also gives you the confidence of wearing a high-quality strap.

Add a touch of distinction to your IWC watches with this exceptional cowhide leather strap. Don't wait any longer to elevate your style and comfort on every occasion.

* Sold without a buckle.

* Manufacturing period depends on demand but is typically less than 14 days.

* We only use the brand so you know that your watch fits with the strap; we have no affiliation with IWC.

* The color of the strap may vary slightly from the images shown due to various factors such as device screen calibration.


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