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Sedalin Double Watch Strap


Calfskin cowhide watch straps, double-stitched, with glued edges. Soft to the touch and flexible. With double stitching.



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Calfskin Watch Straps: Striking Colors for Exceptional Style.

In our store, we've taken fashion and distinction to the next level with our calfskin watch straps, available in striking colors: yellow and orange. These straps are more than mere accessories; they are an expression of your unique individuality and style.

Key Features:

- Double Stitching: Each strap features double stitching, adding an extra touch of elegance and durability.

- Double Folded with Edges Glued: Quality and longevity are paramount. Our straps come with a double fold and glued edges, ensuring a long lifespan and a comfortable fit on your wrist.

- Striking Colors: Choose from the bold yellow and vibrant orange to give your watch a pop of color and style that won't go unnoticed.

- Softness and Flexibility: Calfskin is known for its softness and flexibility, making these straps gentle to the touch and comfortably conforming to your wrist.

These calfskin watch straps are the perfect complement for those looking to stand out with exceptional style and a burst of color. Whether for a special occasion or your everyday wear, these straps are a fashion statement in their own right.

Don't settle for the ordinary. Add one of our yellow or orange calfskin watch straps to your cart and experience the beauty, quality, and style that only these straps can offer. Stand out from the crowd!

* Watch and buckles not included.

* Manufacturing period of 14 days.

* The color of the strap may vary slightly from the images shown due to various factors such as device screen calibration.


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3,5 - 4,5 mm

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