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Classic Pink Watch Strap


Double-folded cowhide vaquetilla leather strap with a fixed loop. This leather has been hand-painted to achieve that pink color and match your style.



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Cowhide Vaquetilla Leather Strap for Classic Watch: Elegance in Pink.

In our store, we present a cowhide vaquetilla leather strap for a classic watch that blends tradition and sophistication with a unique touch of color. Our double-folded leather strap with a fixed pin has been meticulously designed for those seeking a combination of classic style and a modern appearance.

Key Features:

- Double Folded: This strap is made from cowhide vaquetilla leather with a double fold. The double layer of leather ensures a long lifespan without compromising comfort on your wrist.

- Art in Pink: Our strap is a masterpiece of craftsmanship. Each piece has been hand-painted by our experienced artisans, giving it a beautiful and unique pink hue. This color choice not only adds a touch of elegance but also allows you to stand out with a distinctive style.

- Fixed Pin: The security of your classic watch is paramount. That's why we've incorporated a fixed pin that ensures your watch stays in place, no matter your daily activities.

- For Every Occasion: Whether it's a formal gathering or a special event, this strap suits all occasions. Its versatility makes it an essential accessory for your watch.

- Compatibility: Our strap is compatible with a variety of classic watches, making it a smart choice for any watch enthusiast.

Add a touch of exclusivity and style to your classic watch with our pink cowhide vaquetilla leather strap. You're not just acquiring a strap; you're embracing a work of art that seamlessly integrates with your style and accompanies you in every moment of your life.

Don't settle for the ordinary. Make a style statement with our hand-painted pink cowhide vaquetilla leather strap. Add it to your cart and experience the beauty and quality that only a high-end strap can provide. Don't wait any longer to showcase your distinct style.

* Manufacturing period of less than 14 days.

* As it is hand-painted, the final result may vary slightly from the strap in the image, making your strap even more unique.


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