Discover elegance and comfort in every move with our leather straps for Apple Watch.

Our leather straps have been carefully designed to seamlessly complement your Apple Watch, providing you with a sophisticated style and a luxurious feel on your wrist. Crafted from high-quality genuine leather, these straps stand out for their softness and impeccable finish.

Each leather strap has been meticulously crafted to fit your active lifestyle. Whether you're in a business meeting or enjoying a casual day out, these straps adapt to any occasion and enhance your personality with a touch of refinement.

Our range of colors and styles allows you to choose the leather strap that best suits your taste and outfit. From classic and sophisticated tones like black and brown to bolder options like blue or red, you'll find the perfect strap to express your unique style.

In addition to their elegance, our leather straps are designed to provide you with all-day comfort. The soft leather molds to the shape of your wrist, preventing chafing or discomfort, while the adjustable closure allows you to find the perfect fit for you.

Compatible with Apple Watch models, our leather straps are easy to install and change, giving you the freedom to customize your watch according to your mood or the occasion.

Elevate your style with our leather straps for Apple Watch. Discover the perfect combination of elegance, comfort, and functionality in every detail. You won't just be dressing your wrist, you'll be carrying a statement of sophistication and distinctive style.

Enjoy the experience of taking your Apple Watch to the next level with our exclusive leather straps. Don't settle for less when you can have the best.


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Goat Strap for Apple Watch

Strap made of goat leather in a wood-effect and bulged leather style, in a leather color. Beige cowhide leather interior, painted edges, and a fixed pin. Flexible and suitable for Apple watches. Make sure to check your watch's size.

Price €53.72

Green Apple Watch Strap

Bulged goat leather strap with wood effect in green color. Beige cowhide leather interior. Painted edges and a fixed pin. Flexible and suitable for Apple watches. Make sure to check your watch's size.

Price €53.72

Rustic Flower Strap for...

Strap made of dark leather goat leather with an embossed rustic flower pattern. Painted edges, beige cowhide leather interior, flexible and with a fixed pin.

Price €53.72

Leather Strap for Apple Watch

Smooth cowhide leather strap, slightly curved, with a leather-colored interior and a fixed loop. Handcrafted in Ubrique by a skilled artisan. The finishing touch you were looking for for your Apple Watch.

Price €53.72

Leather AirTag Case

Leather AirTag case in brown with a smoothly polished stainless steel buckle. Hand-stitched with high-quality brown thread. This case not only protects your AirTag but also serves as an ideal accessory that you can showcase alongside a bag or backpack.

Price €20.66