Discover beyond the straps! At Marjofra Straps, we not only focus on enhancing your style with the finest watch straps, but we also offer a carefully curated selection of accessories that will seamlessly complement your passion for watchmaking.

Explore our collection of watch cases designed to provide the protection and elegance your most precious timepieces deserve. These cases are not only functional but also a statement of your commitment to preserving and presenting your collection in impeccable style.

Don't miss out on our buckles that add a personalized touch to your watch straps. With a variety of styles and materials, you'll find the perfect buckle to complement your unique style.

In our store, the love for watches goes beyond the straps. Discover how these accessories can elevate your experience in the world of watchmaking. Make every detail an expression of your style, and shop for quality craftsmanship at Marjofra Straps.


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Preciso Leather purse to belt

Sky-colored cowhide purse to belt - Preciso. Handmade in Ubrique (Spain).

Although it was originally used to store rolling tobacco and its lighter, nowadays it can be used as a purse to securely hold your coins or bills, thanks to its stainless steel buckle.

Price €37.19

Leather Watch Case -...

Stylish Cowhide Leather Watch Case - Jewellery Box in Purple. This case is the perfect choice for any watch or jewelry enthusiast looking for a unique and sophisticated storage solution.

Price €53.72

Jewelry Box - Leather Watch...

Jewelry box - rustic-finished cowhide leather watch case. Handcrafted in a workshop in Ubrique, Spain, with a height of 7 cm and a diameter of 9 cm. Suitable for storing both a watch and various pieces of jewelry.

Price €53.72

Leather watch case MS

Leather watch case made of excellent rustic oiled cowhide.

Protect your watch, along with its strap, with this case featuring a soft canvas interior and light padding on the watch face area to guard against potential scratches.

It's an ideal gift for watch enthusiasts. They can take their watches on their travels or store them at home, protecting them from scratches and dust.

A unique product crafted by hand in Ubrique (Cádiz), a place renowned for its high-quality leather craftsmanship.

Price €53.72