Padded Watch Straps


In Marjofra Straps, we are delighted to introduce our exquisite collection of padded watch straps. Our straps are not only an expression of elegance and style, but they also provide an unparalleled level of comfort for your wrist.

Each of our padded watch straps has been carefully designed and crafted to offer an exceptional user experience. The padding adds a touch of luxury to your watch and provides a comfortable fit.

Choosing a padded watch strap is not just a matter of style but also a statement of comfort and quality. At Marjofra Straps, we believe in delivering the best in terms of design and functionality to our customers.

Explore our collection of padded watch straps and experience the perfect combination of elegance and comfort on your wrist. Our straps will elevate your watch-wearing experience to a new level. Get yours today and enjoy the feeling of luxury in every moment.

Padded Watch Straps

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Green Curved Strap for...

Discover natural elegance with our exclusive curved goat leather watch strap. This strap is the perfect complement for your classic timepiece, seamlessly merging craftsmanship with distinctive style.

The green exterior with wood effect adds a touch of freshness and originality, while the beige cowhide interior provides comfort and durability. Precision-painted edges underscore the attention to detail, enhancing the overall look of your watch.

Featuring both a fixed and a loose pin, this strap ensures a secure and comfortable fit for your wrist. Additionally, its flexible texture allows for a perfect adaptability, providing a luxurious feel that suits your lifestyle.

Choose quality and timeless style with our goat leather watch strap.

Price €49.59

Curved watch strap with a...

Curved watch strap made of goat leather with a wood effect and a beige cow leather interior. This strap has painted edges, is flexible, and features both a fixed and a loose pin for a better fit of the watch to your wrist.

Price €49.59

Classic Goat Leather Watch...

Watch strap made of blue patent goat leather, with a beige cowhide leather interior, painted edges, and two pin. This strap is perfect for your classic watch and is crafted by our artisan in his workshop in Ubrique, Spain.

Price €49.59


Double-folded almond chocolate cowhide leather strap. Flexible texture. Matte edges. With a fixed pin.

Price €49.59

Sedalin Double Curve Watch...

Smooth Sedalin Calf Leather watch strap, with double padding, a soft touch, leather lining, and a fixed keeper. Handcrafted by a skilled artisan in his workshop in Ubrique, Spain.

Price €63.64